Here’s to a new start 😁😌 thank you Lord! #blessed

Remember the free shows remember the “guys $10 girls $5” remember the post y’all wouldn’t fuck with remember all that shit? Lmao this a public announcement to all y’all fuck niggas who ain’t support the team

Introducing @taedagod next performance August 7th 9pm-1am
On this 4 level yatch opening for Eric Bellinger along with Bugsy and other great artist there’s levels to this shit y’all just dont fuck with it as much and guess who there lmao yea you guessed right so if you need that ticket hit us we got em on the low as well with VIP there’s 3 bars on this shit so come out and support the team if you fucking with @taedagod you’ll witness history in the middle of the ocean on a big ass yatch we tried to tell y’all lmao y’all thought we was joking about this shit didn’t ya let’s get it ” ITS TAE GIFTED TALL!!”

If you support us come out for an epic night and expect the unexpected for more info DM @tae_v_tae or @itsthatgoodlife

Y’all fucking with @tae_v_tae or the squad @gs_productions_ well come out and experience and epic night shit is about to be live af info on the flyer expect then unexpected like fr fr more info hit any of us




omg love this picture so much 😍

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Yea I’m single so what… Girls ain’t shit now a days either

If I’m there for you it’s because I care…. Take it as is tho cuz I hardly care for anyone these days….